The Cortex Conical Chipping Head offers the latest in solid head technology. Armed with the Cortex Knife System for the lowest total cost of ownership on the market as well as superior knife life, Cortex heads can reduce your cost per mbdft today! Bolt-On retrofit solutions allow any chipping head to be upgraded to the Cortex knife system as well, with a simple change of wear parts.


The ideal ‘chip and saw’ solution for the progressive sawmill looking to reduce their cost per mbdft through longer run time and reduced operating cost. Cortex provides complete drum style heads and our BOLT-ON and SAVE solution for the majority of drum heads on the market.


Processing whole logs, slabs and end blocks; the Cortex knife system provides chip quality and knife life needed to maximize the value of the raw material. Solid holder systems consist of simple conversions using only a holder, clamp, and the Cortex knife. Significantly reducing maintenance costs, the Cortex reversible knife system results in longer run time and the best performance combined with the lowest cost on the market.


Chipping Hardwood with Cortex

Posted On November 27, 2019
Cortex installed on a Precision chipper in Mississippi and is providing huge operational improvements. Hickory logs have a reputation of turning the best knife edge into dull round surfaces within hours.

Cortex DDM Heads

Posted On November 27, 2019
A customer in South Carolina recently upgraded all of their DDM heads to the Cortex Solid Head Design. Before, they were using standard chipping heads from another supplier, but upgraded those heads with the Cortex bolt on solution last year in order to double the knife life and reduce knife and wear part costs.

Cortex Modular CAM System for Drum Style Heads

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Posted On December 26, 2018
Cortex has developed a revolutionary way to maintain log control with the Modular Cam System. A common challenge with many chip and saw lines is log control. Even when the chipping heads are new - if an operational variable has changed (feed speed, log diameter, etc) and the heads are not in sync with current settings, logs may tend to surge, or ‘shoot’ through the heads.

Big Savings with new Bolt – On Conversion

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Posted On December 24, 2018
Reducing operating costs helps sawmills become more profitable and sustainable. Cortex’s latest ‘bolt on and save’ conical head solution is a great example of how upgrading to a Cortex system can significantly reduce operating.

Crossing The South Pacific

Posted On November 8, 2018
Cortex has been chipping radiata pine since our beginnings in Chile in 2014. In 2018, we crossed the South Pacific with our first installation in New Zealand. The mill was looking for an alternative to their traditional reversible knife system as extreme wear and high operating costs were limiting their operation.